Construction Loans

Construction loans serve the basic purpose of providing the funds for building a commercial project. They usually are interest only loans until construction is completed, at which point then either the property is sold in units or some form of permanent financing must replace the construction loan.

Specialty Home Builder Finance

Non-recourse construction and A&D loans to experienced small to mid-sized home builders nationwide.

Up to 85% LTC
Fast streamlined lending process.
Efficient underwriting process helps to determine potential of a project.
Will do detached, condo and townhome projects.


Ground up construction loans $5,000,000+ no max. LTC as high as 80%

Construction Items and Doc Conditions

Business plans or Exec Summary (with builder/developer resume)
Plans and Specs
Cost Breakdown
Bank statements or POF
Personal, financial statement
Signed Fee Agreement
Credit Report

Purchase/Sales agreement if under contract
Signed contract between borrower and builder
Copy of building permit
Builder/General contractor referencing a specific dollar amount
Description material list

Appraisal utilizing construction contract and building plans
If septic system or well water will need cert from health department and soils report
Current lot survey

Title information
Proof of land ownership
Builder risk or course of construction policy
Borrower insurance policy
Verification of builders general liability coverage

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