Accounts Receivable Revolving Line Of Credit

Accounts Receivable Line of Credit is designed for B2B businesses that invoice their clients and seek a solution for general working capital needs.

An accounts receivable line of credit is a loan so the borrower must have the financial ability to repay. Strong business revenue as well as financials are required for this form of business financing.

With this accounts receivable line of credit option it allows you to borrow against outstanding invoices while retaining ownership control and customer relationship because there is no notification. At the same time it provides a secured lending relationship between lender and borrower.

Invoices are not bought, capital is provided to you in a revolving credit line. As you pay down your line you have more access to credit.

Solutions run from $250,000 to $10,000,000
12 month term with renewal options
Data transparency and digital driven interaction offers speed seamless access and drawing of funds.
No prepayment penalties
No minimum credit score 
No application fee
Money when you need it means money when you need it! Approvals within 3 days. Funding within 4-7 days

Who Qualifies
Small business and lower middle market companies
Revenues between $1MM and $50MM
Serve the B2B market
2+ years in business

• Wholesale Trade (ex: sale of merchandise to retailers/ industrial/ commercial users etc.)
• Transportation (ex: trucking)
• Auto repair (fleet contracts)
• Business Services (ex: cleaning, temporary staffing, packaging, printing etc.)
• Waste Management (ex: recycling)
• Manufacturing (ex: consumer products like jewelry, toys, furniture, rubber, plastics, wood etc.)
• Oil and Gas Services
• Advertising
• Security Services
• Facility Management

Pre-Qual Documents Required:
Signed Application
3 Months of Bank Statements
Current AR Aging Report
YTD Financials (P/L and Balance Sheet)
Debt Schedule

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Companies that have received factoring are encouraged to apply.