Commercial Loans

Blue Note Assets provides a wide array of loan programs to match your particular financing requirements. Our financing resources are some of the most extensive in the industry, so we can offer the best financing terms to meet borrower needs.

Choosing a loan program requires an understanding of your investment goals. Some investment goals are: short term, long term, flexibility, maximize cash flow, turn-around property, fast funded, money partner, etc… Coupled with the right loan program: bridge financing, fixed rate, adjustable rate, interim loan, private money, participating loan, etc… we are sure to structure financing terms that best meet your projects requirements.

Portfolio Acquisitions: Up to 75% Value
REO Acquisitions: Minimum Value of $3,000,000
Note & Debt Purchase: With or Without Discount
Restructuring of Construction Debt: Up to 75% of Stabilized Value
Non income producing properties up to 50% LTV
Bridge, Equity, Fixed and Variable rate Financing

Bridge Financing (Various type)
Hotels Motels, Resorts
Apartment, Mixed Use, High Rise Office
Medical, Assisted Living, Senior Housing

Small Balance Stated Program
No borrower income verification or tax returns needed
Property Type: Investment SFR, 2-4 Unit Multifamily & Apartment Buildings, Mixed use, Office, Retail, Warehouse,  Self-storage, Automotive Services, Mixed Use
Recourse: Varies
Loan Amount: $250,000 – $5,000,000
Rates: 6.5%, Term: 30 Year Fixed.
Amortization: 30 Years,
LTV: Up to 75%
Credit: 680+ preferred

Acquisition Loans

An Acquisition Loan is for the purpose of land acquisition and/or buildings.  It is great for first steps toward development to be furthered into a finished project. Some Acquisition Loans involves improvements such as on-site and off-site infrastructure improvements for the purpose of completion of finished SFR lots and homes or Commercial Lots. We can also make available ongoing construction or rehab debt and the repayment of the Acquisition loan by extending our wide network of capital providers to investors.

Refinance Loans

Is there equity that you may want to tap into? Or a term on current note becoming due?
Commercial building owners have struggled for decades on how to effectively and economically tap their commercial property’s equity. Residential portfolio (5+) property owners experienced the same.

Owners considering a commercial and residential portfolio (5+ properties) refinance will find viable unique loan programs with us. We will address any reasonable deal we can make sense of and present as a competent secure deal for our capital providers. We think outside the box. As specialists of commercial mortgage refinancing we offer some of the best loan options available, most of which your local bank simply does not have.

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